Minerals and semi-precious stones

A few significations of stones in litho-therapy

Using stones for their energetic properties goes back in history to very old times. The stones’ significations differ from a crystal to another, but they have been always used for precise objectives such as protection, enhancing the health condition, or…

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The particularity and spiritual benefit of Aventurine

Aventurine is a stone belonging to the great Quartz family, and is very popular in litho-therapy. With its glassy sheen, this beautiful mineral abounds multiple benefits which are often unknown to the grand public. Find out below all the particularities…

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What are the criteria to choose a semi-precious stone online?

Can one really find good deals on semi-precious stones on Internet, as many people claim? Well, it is true that experienced buyers often find excellent deals. They may not be as good as a few do claim it is, but…

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How to regularly purify minerals?

It is highly important to purify your recently acquired precious stone in order to get rid of the energies which may have been captured during its previous journeys. Moreover, if you use stones as a healing tool, they should be…

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Energy and a trendy look: Turquoise inspires jewelry designers!

Turquoise is one of the most popular semi-precious stones which you can find in the market. This crystal is highly sought-after by jewelers. This affordable stone, with its intriguing hue, has the prestige of being the sole precious stone with…

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How to use Pink Quartz in modern litho-therapy?

Pink Quartz, part of the Quartz family, is a semi-precious stone formed of Silicon dioxide. Its soft pale pink color is the result of the many miniscule inclusions of pink fibers. These fibers keep the mineral from being totally transparent,…

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