A few significations of stones in litho-therapy

Using stones for their energetic properties goes back in history to very old times. The stones’ significations differ from a crystal to another, but they have been always used for precise objectives such as protection, enhancing the health condition, or for assistance in the journey from life to death. It must be acknowledged that every stone has its own signature vibration and energy. These latter will, therefore, connect with the stone owner’s energy. Once the connection is made, these energies will give rise to a sensation of tranquility and well being. Each stone has its own vibration signature. However, before getting into the significations of a few stones, it is necessary to talk about litho-therapy. 

What is litho-therapy?

It is a therapeutic science with the objective of making profit of the stones’ virtues. These stones are used for treating material, psychological, and energetic problems. The mineral, which will be in contact with the body through the form of a bracelet or an ornament, would act with the intermediary of its chemical composition as well as its vibration energy. This would, then, allow it to soothe multiple types of pain. In litho-therapy, the stones can be classified as follows:  Basic stone, summit stone, stone of the way of life, stone of personality, stone of expression, stone of touch, and stone of wishes.

Crystal: A basic stone

Crystal is a basic stone which can be found in multiple categories. We can find Carnelian, Citrine, or even smoky Quartz. Basic stones facilitate the connection with Earth. They are often used in cleansing and stimulating root Chakra. These minerals can also be used to excite sexuality and treat sterility. It is with these types of litho-therapeutic stones that one’s success and confidence are at their highest levels. Just like the stone of touch, these stones have fine vibrations. 

What is black Tourmaline?

Black Tourmaline is a stone of the way of life. It is often recommended for combating the possible outside negative influences. This stone can also have positive effects on those who feel the need for an energy cleanse and transformation. Thanks to the black Tourmaline, negative energies would definitely disappear to make place for a much relieved sensation. In short, it is an energy shield that protects the whole individual.  As for the other stones, we can take the example of the stone of expression which is essential for granting easier communication with others. It gives the wearer self-confidence and helps him/her to assert him/herself.
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