How to create a shield against negative energies?

It's not a good idea to attract negative energies into your life. Some crystals have soothing properties that can create a shield against negative energies. They have properties that can calm and protect you from the harm. Some examples of these crystals are the tiger's eye, citrine or amethyst. Each crystal has its own power. You must select the crystal that suits your requirements and your needs most. So, how can you choose the right crystal to help you feel good naturally?

Tiger's eye, a crystal against the evil eye

The tiger's eye is a stone renowned for its ability to protect against the 'evil eye'. To avoid negative waves entering your house, for example, you can place it on the higher part of your front door. This stone will guard you against negative waves coming from the outside. Also, the tiger's eye will return the negative energy to its source. The tiger's eye is easily recognisable, as it is a stone that looks like the eyes of a tiger as its name implies. It embraces brown and yellow nuances as colours. Please visit minerals-kingdom for more information if you are looking for precious stones to create a shield against negative energy.

Citrine to get rid of negative energy

With its pale yellow colour, citrine is also one of the shields against negative energies. However, you can also find grey citrine. This stone will bring you motivation by eliminating negative attitudes. This stone is then ideal if you are rather pessimistic. It gives you the optimistic touch you need in your life. For students, it is better to have a citrine to help you study and get through your exams without problems. As for the tiger's eye, you can also place it near your entrance doors to spread positive waves and eliminate negative energies.

Amethyst, the most powerful crystal

Amethyst is a lithotherapy stone that is a must have at home. It is easily recognisable thanks to its purplish colour. The power that amethyst possesses is very strong. These precious stones are often used to purify the aura or in meditation. It contributes to the inner harmony of a person. If you find yourself trapped in your thoughts, having an amethyst could be the solution to free yourself from the chains that keep you prisoner.
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