How do stones contribute to calming and stimulating the mind?

For beginners, it might sound surprising to know that gemstones have a particularity related to the well-being of humans. Of course, we refer to lithotherapy, a medicine using minerals to stimulate or strengthen a person's spirit. A therapeutic treatment the followers of these stones find relaxing. But how does this mineral material complete the health needs of humans?

How does lithotherapy occur?

As it is a medical treatment, there are various ways of using lithotherapy to achieve maximum relaxation. First of all, carrying the stone with you already brings benefits. Apart from that, therapists recommend specific body parts where the medicine is particularly effective. Let's look at some concrete examples, focusing on potential body zones. One of these is the coccyx, which is located at the spinal column. When lying in bed with the back up, the stones should be placed along the spine. For amethyst fans, the amethyst stone can be placed on the lower abdomen to relief the aches and pains around the stomach. The same can be done on the chest area to ease the heart.

Stones against fatigue

Who doesn't feel tired after work and school? Well, there is a practical solution: you should opt for a citrine. What is it for? This yellowish stone is a tonic. It is also effective for those who are going to face intellectual work such as an exam or an interview. Many lithotherapists recommend the use of citrine to get away from fatigue and increase concentration. If the person does not like to carry it with him, he can simply put it in his house. Thus, the virtue of the gemstones in question will affect all members of the family.

Serenity and love minerals

Many people might be familiar with the word "emerald", but do not realise that this precious stone can offer them a sentimental advantage. Indeed, its advantages contribute to serenity and inner peace. Therefore, in case of stress or depression, lithotherapists recommend this green stone. For those who are more sentimental and those in love, the stone peridot will do a good job. This purifying and restorative stone has a balancing effect on emotional affairs. Therefore, for those who have difficulty finding their lover, such a stone is a good way to create sudden love.
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