Which semi-precious stone contains a number of aphrodisiac virtues?

You can enjoy its health benefits by placing the fine stone on a part of your body or wearing it as a piece of jewellery. This variety of stone is also used in lithotherapy to improve your well-being. Although it costs less than a precious stone, fine gemstones have their considerable advantages. Exceptionally beautiful, this stone enhances your clothing look both at night and during the day.

What is a semi-precious stone?

The so-called "semi-precious stone" refers to a gemstone. This ornamental object is not classified among the 4 precious stones you already know: Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald. The gemstone is widely used in jewellery. Although it is less expensive than a precious stone, semi-precious stones have their own value in jewellery manufacture. Click on www.minerals-kingdom.com to discover examples of jewellery made from quality gemstones. Besides its aesthetic attraction, this type is also used in lithotherapy. Its health benefits are undeniable. The stones are easily recognisable by their very solid appearance and their varied colours: black, azure blue, violet, sky blue, purple, Swiss blue, green, etc.

Types of semi-precious stones

A semi-precious stone exists in several designs to satisfy all requirements. Among the mineral species considered as semi-precious stones, you can find onyx, moonstone, amethyst, aquamarine, sunstone, garnet, tourmaline and carnelian. Each stone has its own characteristics. Green tourmaline, for example, belongs to the silicate family. Also called "verdelite", this stone exists in different colours. In fact, Turmali means stone of a thousand colours. The revitalising and energising action of this variety makes its renown. It acts as well on the body as on the spirit. Tourmaline is associated with people born in October. As for the rhodolite garnet, it belongs to the family of aluminous silicates. It is considered to be a protective talisman that enlightens you in the darkness. This stone is known for its ability to repel demons.

Semi-precious stones in lithotherapy

Lithotherapy allows you to treat certain disorders via stones. This non-conventional medicine uses the stones' therapeutic virtues to improve your well-being on a daily basis. You can place the item on your body or integrate it into your jewellery so that you can wear it permanently and enjoy its benefits. The contact with the stone calms your mind and relaxes your body. The stone also tones up your body and helps you to feel more relaxed and at ease. It also tones your body. Its vibrations reduce stress and banish anxiety. Whether you have trouble sleeping or lack confidence, wearing the stone can improve your situation. The aphrodisiac virtues of stones are not on a leash, red garnet. Red garnet releases you from taboos which have always inhibited you from expressing yourself physically. The intensity of aches and pains such as joint pain will also be reduced once you are in contact with the fine stone.
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