How to empower the body meridians and energy fields?

The concept of body meridians is derived from traditional Chinese medicine. They are imaginary lines that connect various energy fields in the body. There are 12 main meridians that cross the entire body. If one or more of these lines are blocked or weakened, an individual becomes more vulnerable to disease and disorder.

Shiatsu massage

The body's meridians act as vehicles for the vital energy, which is also called "Qi". An unobstructed flow of this energy guarantees good health and an excellent energy input to every part of the body. It is therefore important to maintain a normal level and flow of Qi. This can be done by boosting the body's meridians to optimise their storage capacity for vital energy. The main technique is a Shiatsu massage based on finger pressure. The meridian zones are directly excited, thus enhancing your natural healing. At the same time, the immune system is strengthened and well-being is stimulated. Shiatsu is therefore a holistic treatment like lithotherapy or the use of turquoise stone.

Acupuncture point stimulation

Acupuncture techniques are personalised and localised treatments. They target key points along the body's meridians. The energy lines involved are those related to the type of chronic pain or disorder. For this purpose, practitioners use very fine needles in order to unblock the energy flow. When certain energy fields are stagnant, they use a heated turquoise to release and balance the energy levels. Acupuncture works for physical, physiological and emotional problems. It operates in two ways: to calm an organ and its energy flows, or to stimulate them.

Digitopuncture treatments

The body's meridians can be strengthened by good habits such as digitopuncture. It is a type of acupressure without accessories and does not require any prior knowledge of massage. Digitopuncture is used to maintain the energy flow in your body and to prevent many diseases. However, it is not recommended for treating more extensive and serious pathologies. Furthermore, this procedure helps to stimulate the functioning of your virtual energy line and to optimise your energy storage. The body's meridians are a complex network, so it is certain that you will touch strategic areas with digitopuncture.
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