Energy and a trendy look: Turquoise inspires jewelry designers!

Turquoise is one of the most popular semi-precious stones which you can find in the market. This crystal is highly sought-after by jewelers. This affordable stone, with its intriguing hue, has the prestige of being the sole precious stone with a name bearing its color. Even if it is not as expensive as diamond or sapphire, Turquoise has no less of a magical effect than these expensive stones. This is the reason why all jewelry collections are incomplete without Turquoise.  Why is there such a craze for this semi-precious stone?

A variety of Turquoise jewelries

Turquoise is a multi-purpose mineral. It is often used in all varieties of jewelries. However, just like all other stones, the most popular ways of wearing this famous jewel are necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Even though these are all different types of Turquoise jewelries, they all still have their enthusiasts.  This fabulous stone has always been highly esteemed. It has captivated and intrigued jewelry designers. Its importance and significance are engraved in history and they are part of the folklore of many cultures all over the world. It is popular among commoners as well as royalty.

Matches the modern look

Turquoise has a strange and magical color. Its indescribable bluish, greenish hues are simply fascinating. If you think it has a vintage connotation, you should know that it is possible to associate it with modern looks. This is the reason why jewelry designers have adopted this precious stone in their work.  Turquoise jewelries can easily suite people having a simplistic, but striking, style. It is possible to combine a Turquoise necklace with jeans and a shirt. As a bolder choice, you can combine a bright Turquoise piece with a dress. And to go even further, opt for a Turquoise necklace with a purple top, a pair of unique earrings with a coral dress, or even combine light blue with a neon yellow outfit. All these outfit combinations can not only make you look modern, but also at the forefront of trends. 

A litho-therapeutic stone

In the litho-therapy field, Turquoise is an emblem of courage. This semi-precious stone is also considered as a source of well-being. It is also a symbol of wisdom. It evokes sentimental nobility, indulgence, and generosity. There are other litho-therapeutic virtues of Turquoise such as the fact that it serves as a shield against negative energy and bad omens.
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