How to regularly purify minerals?

It is highly important to purify your recently acquired precious stone in order to get rid of the energies which may have been captured during its previous journeys. Moreover, if you use stones as a healing tool, they should be purified before and after each healing session. The stones can be purified according to their type and color. Here, you will find a few non risky techniques of mineral purification.

Sea salt as a crystal purifier

Sea salt is the most traditional item in mineral purification for psychological and healing purposes. It dissipates all sorts of illnesses and negativities. It serves as a physical and psychological disinfectant. This method of crystal cleaning is both powerful and agreed on. Many people recommend using sea salt for the initial purification of a new healer stone, and whenever the stone is overloaded with negative energy.  Some stones may sometimes take much time to be cleansed, especially if it has been used in an intense and profound healing. In such a case, keep the mineral for an extra day or two in sea salt. You should only use sea salt for this process because table salt contains Aluminum and other chemical compounds. 

The moon

Using the moon is another method of mineral purification. During the full moon, place your mineral outside. Waning moon is the best moment to cleanse the crystals and get rid of the old energies. The required cleansing period depends of the healer stone’s sensitivity and the amount of material. It has been suggested to hang necklaces of precious stones on a tree branch where the moon light can reach them. It is not advisable to place crystals or gems in sun light because the colors can fade, and internal fractures can cause cracking or even breakage of the stones. 

Other cleansing methods

Burying crystals in a cup of dried herbs such as petals of roses, sage, incense, myrrh and sandalwood would definitely cleanse them. It is a gentle and pleasant way to purify crystals; however, this method takes much longer than the sea salt purification. Finally, if time is quite an issue, rinse the crystals in cold tap water. You should make sure that the dots are oriented downwards so that negative energy gets discharged into the sewers. 
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