Understanding the virtues and characteristics of the stones

Ever since a significant amount of time, humans have been fascinated by these stones, especially natural stones whether colored or not. Ancient healers and practitioners of traditional medicine have always used these stones for their healing abilities. However, this admiration for the stones is not only restricted for this use in healing, they have also been designed and shaped to serve as jewelry. To this end, jewelry has been created as a fashion accessory, but also as a protection to its wearer.

The particularities of natural stone-bracelets

Litho-therapy is a discipline of treatment or therapy by the use of these stones. Generally, it requires natural stones, and its major application is to create the well-being of each person. For those who are committed to this form of therapy, jewelry made of natural stones, especially bracelets, remain the ideal solution providing the best protection. It is necessary to wear a natural stone-jewelry in order to sense its effects. In general, these bracelets benefit the wearer from personal growth, success, living standards, and especially health. Each natural stone mainly has its own mineral properties. In fact, it positively affects the functioning of the human organism. It transfers specific vibrations which exert positive effects on both the human organism and the mind. For these reasons, it is necessary to wear a bracelet or a curb made of natural stones in order to be in good health and provide the best protection from the negative waves encountered in everyday life. As an example, agate bracelets have the power to cure back pain or transient migraine. A bracelet made of amazonite has the ability to calm a person’s stress, especially those who suffer from a state of depression. To treat respiratory ailments, it is advisable to wear a bracelet ornamented of falcon eye stone. A bull’s eye natural stone calms joint pain. Thus, each stone has its own specificities and virtues. To serve as an example, click on the link to find out about the virtues of the onyx stone.

The virtues of natural stone-ornamented necklaces

Nowadays, wearing necklaces made of natural stones is increasingly appreciated. It provides beneficial effects on human metabolism. In fact, in order to benefit from the range of advantages offered by natural stones from an emotional and psychological point of view, it is preferable to wear it as a necklace. Regarding that this jewelry is hanging right next to the heart, it would transfer positive waves. There are multiple types of natural stones that can be shaped into a necklace. The benefits of these natural stones are distinctive, as each one has different and significant properties which can solve mental and physical disturbances. Each stone has its chemical combination which, in its turn, gives a specific color and a well-determined shape. As an example, a necklace made of crystallized quartz has the ability to relieve the wearer of stress. In the case of trying to quit smoking or drinking alcohol, the individual should get a necklace made of amethyst. In such cases, the necklace would be both fashionable and effective. The black obsidian stone has the extraordinary effect of getting rid of negative emotions. This stone is capable of soothing difficulties related to nervous breakdowns. For such reasons, wearing a black obsidian necklace is the best solution to reach well-being. A citrine necklace is also ideal in order to be in a good mood and get self-confidence. If a person suffers from a dermatological disorder such as hives or eczema, he must choose an aventurine or a yellow amber necklace. Thus, in order to protect yourself from life’s negative waves, you should wear a natural stone necklace. There are many necklaces made of a wide range of stones, available in litho-therapy shops, such as necklaces of amethyst, aquamarine, red jasper, onyx, etc…

The main advantage of a natural stone pendant

Natural stones mainly regroup multiple minerals such as quartz, diamond, etc… These minerals can be found in the form of crystals. A natural stone pendant offers specific advantages to one’s health. To this end, it has both an aesthetic and a protective contribution. This fashion accessory has a necessary characteristic especially when ornamented with a natural stone. In order to protect yourself from the negative waves which can be encountered in everyday life, it is preferable to have a natural stone pendant. As this item is in contact with your body, it can transmit positive vibrations which serve in diminishing and calming depression. There are multiple pendants of natural stones of all forms and colors which you can find at litho-therapy shops. For example, an amazonite pendant promotes emotional relaxing and balancing masculine and feminine energies. In order to create a harmony between the body and the mind, it is advisable to opt for a hematite pendant. From a psychological point of view, this stone stimulates concentration and reinforces the memory. On a physiological level, wearing a hematite pendant can help in stopping muscle cramps, obesity and bulimia. Jewel manufacturers can also make pendants of pink quartz. It helps soothing anger and sorrow. This stone can also help in treating sleep disorders and provide stress relief.

The benefits of a natural stone ring

Thanks to the creativity of men, there have been multiple jewelries of natural stones shaped in the form of a ring since long ago. They are popular and much appreciated in women fashion. They are fashion accessories which match with party or urban outfits. In fact, these rings are not only among the highest trends, but also contribute in the person’s growth of well-being whether from a physical or a psychological point of view. You should take note that a Regalite stone ring helps creating positive waves and eliminate the negative vibrations. It plays a role in soothing and creating a well-being harmony. It is necessary to regularly purify the stones in order to maintain the litho-therapeutic properties of the natural stone ring. This purification mode consists of soaking the stone in distilled water for a whole night before wearing it. It is also a possibility to get a Labradorite ring. This stone grants protection against the exterior negative effects. Labradorite is often praised as a sociability-enhancing stone. It helps establishing friendships with one’s entourage. In fact, it helps a person to be sociable. Wearing a Labradorite stone ring brings the extraordinary virtue of soothing headaches and minimizing fatigue. There are also Tourmaline-ornamented rings. In litho-therapy, this stone plays a healing and protective role for its wearer. It is also known as the stone of success, as it helps surpassing multiple challenges encountered in everyday life. As for its physical effects, it helps in curing epilepsy and ensures a healthy blood circulation. 

Characteristics and properties of a natural stone earring

Currently, natural stone earrings are much popular among women and ladies. There is a range of natural stones from which earrings can be made. Black Tourmaline is a perfect stone to make a stunning earring. This stone is known as a healing and protecting stone. It is highly advantageous to wear a black Tourmaline earring thanks to the diverse healing virtues this very stone offers to its wearer. It has a powerful ability in driving away negative vibrations. It is also one of the best solutions for overcoming traumatic events, such as accidents or aggressions. There are also other stones like the Moonstone. It is also ideal for making an earring. It is highly attractive thanks to its characteristic virtue of reflection. This beautiful stone provides multiple qualities for youngsters such as sincerity, youth, spontaneity, and freshness. It can also solve affection problems in the case of conflict within a couple. In such situation, it can help achieving emotional stability. This stone stimulates the curiosity and vivacity of the mind through supporting artistic sensitivity, imagination, and reverie. From an emotional point of view, it eliminates social-related phobias. This stone has a surprising psychological effect. The Moonstone decreases everyday life anguish. Turquoise is another natural stone. Earrings made from this stone are very trendy, thanks to its beautiful color, and they provide specific virtues on a person’s blossoming. It is much refined and fancy. It provides virtues such as pain relief and anti-inflammatory for external pathologies. From a psychological point of view, it helps reducing panic attacks, as it is known as the calm and serenity stone. Finally, this beautiful stone also stabilizes the body’s energy flows.
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